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July 25, 2019

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Fitness & Career - How To Master Both

August 29, 2017

Look around you before work in the morning, lunchtime or even after work and you will inevitably see a plethora of people fully clad in the latest fitness gear running around town. A lot of these people are colleagues and even clients, looking to get fit for a myriad of reasons from general fitness to competing in the ultimate ultra marathon. But anyone who has done this to any level will know the great balancing act that we have to perform when trying to get fit, excelling at your career and of course managing your own personal life. Most of us just get by. Managing to get some runs in every other day in between work commitments. But how do you master both your career and your fitness and supercharge both to never before reached heights?


First and foremost you have to make a commitment to change. Because wherever you find yourself you want to improve. For your career this means one of two things. Either you are still looking to grow, gain your next promotion or secure that major deal or you are looking for a new challenge with a new role. Either way...its time to get planning. For your fitness goals, unless you have just come off winning your second Olympic gold medal, there is another major achievement that you want to attain. Similarly, the planning process is vital. But neither of these things should be looked at independently. Rather both your work and your fitness careers have a symbiotic relationship. Feeding off each other. Breathing life into each and above all providing balance. As one side grows and builds so must the other.