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7 Effective Ways to Beat The Holiday Blues and Supercharge Your Career

August 27, 2018




Summer has seemed endless this year. Across Europe and North America its been hotter than the hinges on Hell's gates! But no matter, beacuse you have enjoyed the best holiday of your life. Full of sun, sea and endless fun. You feel more relaxed than ever before and all is great with the world. Then reality dawns.....because for most of us, today is the end of the holidays and its back to work tomorrow. If you are lucky you may have 4 more days left of holiday time. Either way, your mind has already drifted to work. The panic has already set in as you cant remember your login password. "Does it have a 7 in it somewhere? What was my childhood dog called?" But passwords are the least of your worries. You take a peak at your work email inbox and see the number of new emails. Its a number that does exist but usually created by a nobel prize winning mathmetician! "Did I finish that project?" - "Did that deal close while I was away?" You now have an image of what work will be like tomorrow and its not good.




But it really doesn't have to be this way. Anxiety about returning to work is just a sign that you relaxed during your holiday, which after all is one of the reasons for taking a holiday. But you still have that sinking feeling in your stomach and the most effective way of eradicating that is taking control and having a back to work action plan! So here are 7 tips to ensure a smooth return to work and supercharge your career!

  1. Fail To Plan & You Plan To Fail! The easiest way to take control of your life is to set a plan of action and work your way through it. Our brains are wired to cope with small manageable tasks, often a number at a time, but as soon as the tasks build up beyond a certain amount the brain can't cope with the volume of information, goes into overload and shuts down. Its that feeling you have had in the past when you get back to work after a long holiday and sit staring at your computer screen totally overwhelmed, stressed and frozen to the spot. Setting out a plan gives you freedom. That feeling of freedom comes from a sense of control. Your brain now sees a series of small tasks set out over the next week that you know are all manageable. So get planning!

  2. Fill Up Your Work Calendar! You have your plan