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July 25, 2019

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Are You At A Career Crossroads?

September 5, 2018


Whether you are the leader of a large corporate sales team or an individual contributor and indeed everything inbetween, we face decisions as to which direction we need to head on a daily basis. Often utterly insignificant. Coffee or tea? Chips or salad? But more often than not we face tough choices that will be the difference between success and failure. These are the critical decisions we have to make. Do I hire the high energy sales beast or the steady Eddie? Do I offer a discount or stick to my pricing? Do I raise that issue with my boss or just ignore it?


However, some of the real tough choices appear when it comes to dealing with people. Its not surprising though. When you face the difficult choice to let someone go from your organisation, sales leaders will often agonise for weeks and sometimes months as whether they should let that person go. They like them. Even worse, they are friends and will attend each others BBQ's! But they're just not hitting their quota and you have no choice. The procrastination simply makes the situation worse. The window of opportunity to upskill them with training has gone and you just have to fire them and start again.


On the other end of the scale you may have to make that decsion to leave your current role and take that great offer at another company. Its more money and a bigger organisation but you will be leaving your friends, a comfortable job and a pretty good boss. You know its a great opportunity that will help you grow in your career but dont want to let go of what you have. Decisions!



In a recent survey (SiriusDecisions) of Global Sales Leaders it was reported that fewer than 70% of salespeople were hitting quota in 70% of organisations surveyed. And on top of this 71% of sales leaders didnt believe that their sales people could accurately articulate their proposition in business terms to their prospects! Its no wonder we all have critical decsions to make!


In truth, the majority of t