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At Aluminium Cloud we provide Go to Market talent acquisition solutions to sales, marketing, consulting and leadership.


We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional level of service and professionalism to all our clients, candidates, partners, suppliers and our colleagues.


Ensuring that everyone is given a consistent level of excellence, we have 4 guiding prinicples that govern the way we conduct our business.


We are very aware of the need for confidentiality and discretion when dealing with highly sensitive assignments wherever they may be in the world. We constantly monitor our effectiveness and ensure that we accurately measure levels of integrity with all our communication with external and internal clients.


Our unrilvalled levels of integrity ensure that we are often trusted to be the partner of choice when businesses engage with us for their most sensitive and crucial hires.


If there is one thing that we all share at Aluminium Cloud is a passion for our business. A passion to ensure that we exceed all our clients and candidates expectations. A passion to perform each and every assignment at pace, providing the pinnacle of excellence, irrespective of timezone.


Passion is not just limited to our day to day business but also in our desire to give back to the community at large, which is why we support a number of charitable organisations throughout the world.


"No legacy is so rich as honesty" - William Shakespeare. 


At Aluminium Cloud we ensure that we deal with all our candidates and clients with uptmost honesty. We understand the value of complete honesty and transparency in all our processes.


We ensure that a full and frank assessment of a candidates attributes and experience ensures that our clients get the very best fit for whatever role they are considering.


We respect everyone that we come into contact with. Whether its our client, candidate or supplier. Every interaction that we undertake, we ensure that we respect our customers wishes, business needs and timescales.


As a global business, we interact with many different cultures in numerous countries. We ensure that we respect all cultures and truly understand and respect the diversity of religious beliefs, gender, disabled rights, ethnicity or orientation together with local laws wherever we conduct our business.

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