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July 25, 2019

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Getting Hired At The Speed Of Light

September 17, 2017

Changing job is right up there with moving home and divorce in the top most stressful things in life. As a consequence, too many of us end up staying in a job that we despise for months if not years because the daily drudgery is more bearable than the stress of looking for a new job and the copious rounds of interviews that we would have to endure to change. I am sure that just the mere thought of putting your resume/cv together and the intense scrutiny you will have to subject yourself to, is already bringing you out in cold sweats.


But it needn't be this way.


First, let me take you back a few years. A brief history lesson in the job market. Or rather, what it was like when I first ventured into the situations vacant page of the local newspaper. (I realise that I will be ageing myself terribly here!) Imagine a time when there was no such thing as the internet. Computers were a stand alone box the size of a small cottage in the country with a screen the size of a smart watch and everything on the screen was in green. Telephones were strictly the wired variety and only resided in a building or a box you stood in outside. In houses this phone would invariably be placed in the hall and you would usually pick it up with announcing your telephone number as the standard call etiquette.


In offices, desks would comprise of a phone, a typewriter if needed, lots of paper and an ashtray if you fancied a smoke whilst you worked. If a company wanted to hire a new employee then they would tap this out on their type writer and then would post the job advert out to a local employment agency or the local newspaper so they could run the job advert in the job section on a Thursday. (Yes this all really used to happen!)