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How to Interview in a Heatwave

Across the US, UK and Europe we are experiencing unprecedented plumes of heat bringing joy to thousands of kids on holiday and misery to those not on vacation sweating it out in offices in the city where air conditioning units struggle to cope with the extra demands put on them.

But its not just air conditioning systems that are feeling the strain. Workers of all descriptions find it a struggle to cope with the sweltering temperatures, humidity, high pollen and a general feeling of malaise that envelopes us all when a heatwave is present. Its times like these that we then understand why the Spanish are right to take the afternoon off for their beloved siesta.

In truth, if you are a salesman travelling by car or working in the office the likelihood is that the air conditioning will probably be set to a very nice cool temperature and you should be able to work your way through it oblivious to the sweaty masses dragging their feet along the streets outside.

But what do you do if you are due to attend an interview in the middle of the hottest day of the year? How do you ensure that you don't turn up at the most important meeting of your life hot, sweaty and flustered?

Here are 5 tips to remain cool during your interview and ensure you land the job:

  • Dress to impress! Working cultures are becoming more and more dress down but don't be tempted to don the shorts and flip flops just because its hot and that's how they dress at the company you're interviewing with. Of course you don't need to wear a 3 piece suit but pick a cooler outfit and still be professional whilst reflecting the company's culture.

  • You might feel hungry before you get to your meeting but resist the temptation to have a large lunch beforehand. Your body heats up the more food you have and you dont want your digestive system to go into overdrive just before the interview starts.

  • Water is your friend. Make sure you hydrate throughout the day. Start when you wake and keep a bottle of water with you. Not only will it keep you cool but it will make sure that you perform to the very best of your capability. You want to remain sharp minded and ensuring that you are fully hydrated will ensure that.

  • Arrive early. Now I would always say that you should make sure you are at your meeting 10 minutes before it starts but it's likely that the office where you will be interviewing will have a state of the art air conditioning system. Get there 25 minutes beforehand and take advantage of the cool atmosphere to cool you down and get you set and ready for your interview.

  • Stay cool throughout the interview. You might well be offered a coffee or tea but settle for just water. You will be relaxed and feeling cool by now so take advantage of that and feel confident that you will be able to outperform any of the other candidates that havent heeded this advice.

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